Student Education

We provide curriculums for medical students to experience and learn family medicine at the Department of Family Medicine Mie University Hospital/Mie University Graduate School of Medicine. We expect students to become next primary care specialists or good partners in the future experiencing family medicine in their early stage.

Medical Care and Society (1st year)

This curriculum is one-year medical experience at early stage themed on patient-centered medical care, professionalism, and community medicine for the first year students of Mie University School of Medicine. It consists of lectures, on-site hands-on training with cooperation from 50 medical facilities/departments in Mie, portfolio preparation and review. Cinemeducation and joint lectures with nursing students themed on interprofessional collaboration are also included. We ask for lectures not only to the faculty members at family medicine but also wide range of people such as nursing faculty, city hospital directors, mayors, and administrative officials.

Lab Study (3rd year)

In order to develop research mind while experiencing studies, students are to belong to a lab to conduct study from September in the third year to July in the fourth year. After studying with a faculty member for one year, students will experience all the processes from research questioning and proposal writing to conducting research, analysis and publication. Some students may also publish findings at academic conferences.

IDT-MIE (3-5 year)

We hold a workshop called IDE-MIE aiming to be able to collaborate smoothly in the medical field in the future. In IDT-MIE, third- to fifth-year students who belong to universities (Mie University, Mie Prefectural College of Nursing, Suzuka University of Medicine, Koggakkan University, and Asahi University) that train health and medical welfare professionals in Mie prefecture and Gifu prefecture will cooperate and work on planning the patient’s care plan. Through the experience to solve the problems of patients together with the students to be doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and nutritionists, they experience the different viewpoints and learn excitement, difficulties and meaning of collaboration.  

Lecture on Family Medicine (4th year)

Every fall, block lectures are held at the Department of Family Medicine for fourth year students.