Primary Training

In the primary training at Mie University, 4-week family medicine training at Mie University Hospital is compulsory. Junior residents are in charge of the first visit patients and their follow-ups in a day-time outpatient clinics under the supervision of advising doctors who completed fellowships. Since there are only a few programs that are essential to take care of the first visit patients participating in day-time outpatient clinics, it is a major feature of Mie University Hospital Primary Training. After one month training, you will see the remarkable growth of the residents in examination, presentation, and self-study.

Small Lectures to Junior Residents

During the 4-week rotation period, each supervisor takes advantage of their strengths and makes small lectures to the junior residents. The themes increase your knowledge and skill which can be used even in outpatient clinics in other departments. I hope that these activities will contribute in a timely manner to the improvement of medical standards in Mie prefecture.

The themes are, for example, as follows: How to solve questions on clinical practice in a short time; Short presentation on outpatient clinics; how to auscultate; patient-centered medicine; and family-oriented primary care.  

Patient-centered medicine

Beyond asking medical history for medical diagnosis such as current medical history, past history, and allergy history, this lecture gives you the method of medical interviews which satisfy patients and how you can make approximation of patient’ desire and doctor’s ideas.

Auscultation/physical examination

We are giving lectures on physical examinations for junior residents who rotated to the department of family medicine. The contents of the lecture are changed according to the needs and the contents of the training so that we can consider the basis of the ability of the junior residents to be improved.

Short Presentation on Outpatient Clinics

[Under Constraction]

How to Solve Questions at Clinical Practice~Five Steps of EBM~

Through interactive lectures and demonstration of up-to-date and dynamed, we aim to master how to utilize five steps of EBM in clinical practice rather than as knowledge. We plan residents to actually utilize it during their rotation.

Keys to PubMed Search

Good quality evidence: To find necessary articles, it is essential to have a skilled literature search skill. You will learn the basic usage of PubMed with hands-on.

Family-Oriented Care Useful for Daily Practice

Various health problems are said to be related to the relationship between patients and their families and are often key to treatment. In this lecture, we will explain the fundamentals of the interviews with family that is useful in daily practice and the tips for effective family interview in an easy-to-understand manner.