Definition,Purposes and Actibities of the Network

What is Mie University Family Medicine Network?

This network includes all the fields which conduct education, training, and research on family medicine. At Mie University, there are three facilities: “Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine” for education and research on family medicine; “Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Community Medicine” for especially nurturing educators (faculty and advising doctors) and researchers; and “Mie University Hospital, Department of Family Medicine” for clinical medicine at Mie University Hospital. These three facilities are quite overlapped each other and they provide education, research, and medical care on family medicine as one.

In addition, we have the “Department of Family and Community Medicine, Mie,” the “Department of Community Medicine, Kameyama” and the “Department of Community Medicine, Nabari” at core hospitals. Mie University sends our faculty and doctors there to take care the departments.

At the Mie Community Medicine, we offer education and research on family medicine comprehensively for Mie Prefecture.

We offer “Mie University family medicine program (ver. 2)” for senior residents on family medicine who have graduated from faculty of medicine before 2014 and “Mie University family medicine program (ver. 3) for doctors who have graduated from faculty of medicine before 2015. This is our “Mie University Family Medicine Network.”

Purpose of Network

“The purpose of the Mie University Family Medicine Network is to seek for the efficient way of the family medicine by conducting studies for people in Japan and in the world to spend healthy lives with lots of smiles. The purpose is also to nurture health care workers such as doctors who can provide above mentioned family medicine by offering education and trainings. Furthermore, we also foster personnel who can educate and instruct health care workers and conduct research on family medicine.”

Activities of Network

Mie University Family Medicine Network provides on the following activities.

  1. Education of family medicine to medical students centered on Mie University
  2. Trainings junior residents on Mie University Foundation Program
  3. Trainings senior residents on Mie University Family Medicine Program (ver. 2 &3)
  4. Trainings and continuing education for doctors working in communities
  5. Training for faculty and advising doctors who can effectively nurture interprofessional health care workers, who are working with medical students, junior residents, senior residents in family medicine, and doctors in family medicine
  6. Fostering students and health care workers in order to nurture interprofessional health care workers who can effectively work with family medicine doctors in community
  7. Developing personnel who can conduct research on family medicine
  8. Conducting research studies on family medicine such as investigation of the way of family medicine for people in community to spend healthy life with lots of smiles
  9. Providing medical care services in family medicine for its education and research
  10. Finding and establishment of the medical system where people can have healthy life with lots of smiles
  11. Providing and distributing evidences, education curricula and systems obtained through Mie University Family Medicine Network throughout Japan and the world