Ambition and Passion

“Ambition” and “Passion”

Keys for Family Medicine

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You may think it impossible to become true.

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Professor Yousuke Takemura
Department of Family Medicine
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine


The Teachings of Dr. MK Rajakumar

The Japan’s Family Medicine, from communities to the world

WONCA is an academic association managing community of family medicine worldwide. Currently, about 500,000 members from over 130 countries join the association. In 2005, WONCA Asia Pacific Regional conference was held in Kyoto and Prof. Takemura was a chair. One day during the conference, one Asian old man came to Dr. Takemura. He wanted to talk with Japanese young family physicians. He said calmly but enthusiastically, “This conference invites many lecturers from the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherland, and Malaysia where I am from. I am an Asian family physician who is proud of Japan. I came here to hear from Japanese general medicine but there is few. You have already been occupied by the US and the UK.” He was the former President of WONCA. He was the person, Dr. MK Rajakumar, to encourage young family physicians in Asia and Pacific region to provide family medicine from Asia to the world. This caused the Rajakumar Movement. Three years later from the Movement occurred, he passed away and Malaysia held a state funeral for him.

It seems that information about family medicine is limited to the US in the world. However, there are varieties of family medicines in many countries in the world. Each country demands better family medicines which meet the requirement of the country and each of them strives for the development. Considering the situation of the countries, it is often recognized that their family medicine functionally leans on their communities even they are developing countries. Recently, knowing each family medicine more, it sometimes gives reference to other countries. The number of presentations from the field of Japan’s family medicine in conferences such as WONCA is increased. Furthermore, the number of publications is significantly increased in the official journal of Asia Pacific WONCA, Asia Pacific Family Medicine, where Prof. Takemura is the chief editor. “The Japan’s family physicians” work at clinics in the country of Japan begin providing their own education and research to the world.

Mie University Family Medicine Network will unite our strength together and wants to nurture family physicians who fulfill the demand of Japan. In addition, we want to develop the necessary skills for doctors to provide their education and research findings from Japan to the world.


Professor Yousuke Takemura
Department of Family Medicine
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine