Graduate School/Research


Doctoral Program: Mie University Family Medicine Course, PhD Course for Family Medicine, and Academic GP Educational Course Sylabus

Master Program: Master course for family medicine (For Doctors only) Sylabus

Why Mie University Graduate School Doctoral Program?

Clinical Practice and Research at Family Medicine are compatible

You can conduct research on family medicine in the Graduate School Doctoral Course while continuing your own clinical practice as senior residents, staff, or advisors, receiving allowance.  You can obtain doctoral degree in four years* under supervision of your academic advisor.

*You may obtain degree in three years or receive one-year tuition exemption if your paper is published in world leading journals such as Annals of Family Medicine. 

Over 10 graduate students are enrolled and conducting their research

Not only doctors but also people from the co-medical field (pharmacology, nursing, and acupuncture), cultural anthropology, and engineering are conducting research activities multi-professionally.

Endowed Research Environment at University

It is easy to access published papers in and out of the fields of family medicine, statistic software, and research collaborators, and there are lot more changes to obtain research fund.  
The advantage of this department is that it is easy to receive cooperation with community because there are departments of community medicine endowed.

Contents of Instruction

Seminars to learn research basics are held every week.

  • An overview of research on behavioral Science and patient-based outcome
  • An overview of research on community medicine
  • An overview of research on immunology
  • An overview of qualitative research
  • An overview of validity and reliability of questionnaires
  • Planning of research questions
  • How to write research protocol
  • Quantitate data analysis method
  • Qualitative research method
  • Instruction for presentation and writing papers
  • Method for obtaining research fund