To the students who wish to be a family physician

Prof. Yousuke Takemura

Department of Family Medicine, Mie University School of Medicine & Graduate School of Medicine


Human beings are mortal. You may be destined to die in a traffic accident. If so, you don’t have time. What should you do? Should you eat something good? Should you go traveling? If I were you, these would not satisfy my desire. Then, what would I do? I would surely make efforts to leave something which can be useful later. To find continuity in discontinuous phenomenon of death, I would struggle to find a bridge for the next generation. Some may draw pictures to achieve and some may write novels. Others may spend more time with their family. Many must be trying to achieve what they have been working on in the limited time. Doctors may work toward daily medical care for their patients to spend their healthy and happy lives. Their cares may remain in the patients’ heart, making a mark on the world. I am not talking about the situation of someone else. I am talking about the actual and current situation of all of us, and we are definitely mortal.


I am very glad that I am a doctor. I really feel so no matter how difficult the life as a doctor is. All the things done as a doctor is the bridge to the next generation. Even if a patient goes into death, I believe that the patient will greet me with open arms in the heaven. I always want to provide such medical cares. A doctor is a wonderful occupation. Especially, “Family Medicine” is the one which I can tackle over my life. In the family medicine, we provide not only various comprehensive medical cares but also those with a consideration of the patients’ feelings. Family medicine can go forward by the requests from the people. Family medicine cannot move forward without the support of people. In this way, we can say that family medicine is based on the needs of the people. Therefore, I think family medicine can provide security and happiness to more people for future generation. I am very glad that I can specially work on such medical care. You may say I am simple, but I think such a person can be more available.


Ambition and Passion are the key words for me.It may be only a dream that family medicine can make people happy. I always want to go forward with passion believing my hope. I always want to strongly move on with the feeling of my existence. I really hope to pursue the family medicine with you.